Saturday, 18 August 2012

Invest in your happiness: Buy a house!

Invest in your happiness: Buy a house!

The Office of National Statistics has declared that owning a home makes you happier based upon its first national subjective well being report. Many of the entries are not surprising e.g. just under half of people not in employment scored themselves as less than 7 (almost twice the amount of people with work) whereas having a partner gave more scores of 9 or 10 when compared to those who are divorced, widowed or single.

80% of adults that owned a home ranked themselves with a medium to high level of happiness which is quite a lot more than the 68% that don’t. Suggesting that some forms of  happiness can be derived from getting involved with property, despite the recession.

This aspect of the report depicts a British desire to own a home as many Britons aspire to buy property, yet despite general belief, the world wide economic crisis may actually help achieve this dream.

In recent times the pound has steadily been growing in strength, so when compared with the euro this month, buyers interested in European property have been getting the more for their money then they have been for the past 4 years, especially in countries with prices that have drastically fallen e.g. Spain.

"These factors, together with historically low interest rates, are making it more affordable to buy in Spain right now," says Clare Nessling, Director of Conti - Overseas Mortgages, which has seen enquiries for Spanish mortgages increase by a third in May and June this year. "And signs that the market is improving are starting to lift the confidence of prospective buyers."

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